Each return will be handled individually, please contact us for this at +32486648014

Return and exchange policy for Roll&bowl products

This return and exchange policy applies to all purchases of food products through our online restaurant service at "www.rollnbowl.be." At Roll&bowl, we are committed to making your dining experience enjoyable and satisfying. However, we understand that sometimes situations may arise where you may wish to return or exchange a product. Here are the terms and conditions for returns and exchanges:

Returning Food Products
Food products can be returned if they are of undefective quality and the defect occurred before the product was handed over to the customer. A product is considered defective if:

  • The packaging has been opened.
  • The description on the packaging does not match the product.
  • Foreign organisms or objects are present in the product.
  • If you have received a wrong order.

Food of good quality in undamaged packaging cannot be returned or exchanged.

Exchanges of Roll&bowl Goods
Food of good quality can be exchanged under the following conditions:
  • The dish delivered does not match the description on the website.
  • The composition of the ingredients differs from what the customer ordered on the website.
  • The dish has been delivered differently than ordered due to the actions of the restaurant.

If the order has been paid before receipt and delivery by the courier, the money will be refunded within three working days.
We want your experience with Roll&bowl to be positive and satisfying, and we will do our best to resolve any problems with your order. Please do not hesitate to contact us at WhatsApp/GSM +32486648014 or info@rollnbowl.be for help with returns or exchanges.
Enjoy your meal!

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